Through the Keyhole

by Enduring Revery

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released October 31, 2014

All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed, and produced by Heath Gibson
All artwork by Melissa Gibson



all rights reserved


Enduring Revery Hagerstown, Maryland

As Heath steps into the realm of solo artistry, his love of the acoustic sound is displayed throughout his current work, from the most delicate interlude to the heaviest of guitar riffs. Though he classifies his music primarily as metal, listeners are able to appreciate intense dynamics created by his blending of electric and acoustic sounds. ... more

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Track Name: Fists of enlightenment
Fists of Enlightenment - Oh sweet love of mine,its been such a long, long time, since you told me you loved me , since you’ve shown that you care, I could not believe the things you said, words like fists bludgeoning my head / taste the pain with your sweet kiss, feel ashamed I was so blind, so cruel this state of love and trust, show me, enlighten me with your fists / invite me, entice me, I wanted you, but this is the you that I never knew, so hateful toward life and all this pent up strife, you wanna come at me / when it comes to this, it comes to fists
Track Name: Lovely Day
Lovely Day - I’ve never seen such pretty scars on such a beautiful girl, have you ever cut yourself for me, I want to kiss you when you bleed / hear you scream, watch you bleed / when you stared into these marble eyes, did you see whats on my mind, can you see the twisting sky, this storm of devastation, impalement and penetration, held my heart down this road of waste , this cold heart warms to your embrace, what a lovely day in the eye of a storm / your quest for my spirit, a mere tragedy, at best you might feel it, my love, my pain, Its all the same / such a lovely place, the eye of a storm , such a pretty face when your flesh is torn
Track Name: Disintegrate
Disintegrate - I don’t think I’ve ever shown you how I feel or you’ve ever known you’re caught in my head, enduring reveries / put you hands in mine, we’ll disintegrate in time, our vapors ignite into a star in the night, burning forever / don’t you see you’ve got it all wrong, all this time my love for you is flawed, stitching back riven seams so you believe / put you hands in mine, we’ll disintegrate in time, our vapors ignite into a star in the night, burning forever
Track Name: I'm still warm
I’m still warm - I feel the time is now for me to tear you from my heart, this bleeding will be fatal but this love for you unobtained / it turns me against myself / its something that was never meant to be, I can’t stand you, seeing you only in my dreams / it turns me against myself / hold me now while I’m still warm, I just died Five minutes ago / I’m tearing you out, forever tearing, I’m tearing you out