Earth Floods Red

by Enduring Revery

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These songs are a few of the early ones I wrote, but I figured as a new recording artist, what better place to start then the beginning.


released January 31, 2010

all songs: written / recorded / mixed / and performed by Heath Gibson cover art: drawn by Melissa Gibson



all rights reserved


Enduring Revery Hagerstown, Maryland

As Heath steps into the realm of solo artistry, his love of the acoustic sound is displayed throughout his current work, from the most delicate interlude to the heaviest of guitar riffs. Though he classifies his music primarily as metal, listeners are able to appreciate intense dynamics created by his blending of electric and acoustic sounds. ... more

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Track Name: Heaven I see
You are my angel sent to me / in your eyes heaven I see / light in my life the path is clear / to my heart I hold you most dear / to give up my life / and to watch you grow / to treasure each moment / all the love I can show / you're better than me / much stronger I know / tears that I hide / I'm praying for your life / no struggle left to fight / you are my guiding light / guide me through this life / you are my angel at my side
Track Name: Such simple words
Eat me alive / I'm dying anyway / rotting inside / crying till this day / such simple words / cut my throat / covered in blood / can't say a thing / spill my guts / onto the floor / your undisturbed face / ignores it all / my skin is cold / as is the core / seized by numbness / no pain no fear / soon i shall pass / and you won't care / this heart is slowing / the end is near
Track Name: Crawling like dogs
You don't know / that you'll never be / anything but a slave / you don't feel / lacerated flesh / nine tails mark your back / you don't hear / tragedy scream / suffocation of you / you don't see / your own face / the face of agony / to your knees you dog you will crawl / dragging your tongue through blistering sands / clatter of dangling shackles / tear the flesh from your bones / your nailed to your cross / vultures circle above / always thirsty for more / you take your senseless beating / laid out lifeless in the dirt / you old battered man
Track Name: Earth floods red
Whispering winds / mutter words of despair / come twilight these words / change to tears / tears from the sky / flooding this world / to only dry / by the sun / tidal waves wash away all that is wrong / drowning the bad seeds so the evil is gone / creation of a new world no longer a trace / of a planet once plagued by the human race / screams of rustling leaves / like lost souls blown (into oblivion) / consuming the sun / moon light for an (eternity) / tearing open the sky / so the earth floods red / burning it dry / underneath everything is dead